Friday, September 17, 2010

Sept 17-24- WRITING TIME!

SOoooooooo, you guys had your first Rise & Stretch, and most of you passed brilliantly. Those of you who didn't quite "get it" will have a chance to study again and raise your score on WED, the 22nd. You know, it's not that you have to be a big "6 Traits person" in life, but you DO have to be a good writer no matter what the future holds for you. You'll be amazed at all the times you'll have to write something for someone, and you'll be grateful that you can do it well. Really! I'm not kidding!

Now we're getting into writing your first memoir...just a little story about a little time in your life that affected you in one way or another We'll go through all the steps to good writing so that you'll really understand how to improve, AND the whole rubric thing will make much more sense to you. I promise, this will be the best little memoir you've ever written.

DON'T FORGET the $10 to pay for using MY ACCESS, our computerized writing program!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept 7-10

Okay, it's just after Labor Day, and I'm starting to get the hang of this blog thingermajig. Be sure to use your mouse to drop some fish food into the water above for my fish! They'll come a-runnin'.

This week we are concentrating on SIX TRAITS writing which, of course, just means we are starting to work on "writing" in general. Six Traits is just a method to discuss it, so students understand on a deeper level what "good writing" is all about.

Regular and Honors English are doing basically the same thing in the classroom this week:
•pretesting on the 6 Traits
•reading the 6 Traits RUBRIC in detail
•practicing how to score some student papers
•concentrating on Ideas, Organization, & Conventions
•spelling words of the week are : grammar, analyze, amateur, colonel

Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome to my blog for English at FHMS 2010-2011! This will be a good spot for you to check deadlines for work, get ideas for good books to read, and so on. I teach both regular English and Honors English, so make sure you are looking at information that applies to your class!